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"It's like taking a clown class strapped to a rocketship that's laser targeted on my success as a performer. It's amazing." 
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The Art of the Clown
Timing, Character, and State

Mikhail Usov act with Ping Pong

The Art of the Clown Workshop focuses on exploring three main elements that fuel discovery and creation of a clown and their antics: timing, character and state. Participants will learn about the use of gags, pauses, and silence, as well as clown make-up, costume, and props. Furthermore, participants will be led into notions of alogism and the four levels of comedy.

At the start of this Workshop, you will find yourself in a clown’s hideaway. Here you will be exposed to a little bit of theory and a lot of practice. You will learn the laws by which clowns live, as well as some of their secrets.

This knowledge will guide you towards a character of your very own. When you complete this Workshop, you will be guided through the creation of a routine.

Mikhail Usov workshop

Mikhail’s Art of the Clown Workshop has had great success in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Vancouver, and more. He has held workshops for students of theater, professional actors, professional clowns, and people who are just becoming interested in the art of clowning.  Even artists of Cirque du Soleil attend his Workshops.


The workshop is educational for professional artists, team building for groups, and even for personal introspection.

To be a Clown means to change yourself everyday, and so this workshop is also about human aspirations.

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