The Invisible Clown - How to Not Be Afraid of Being Yourself – Misha Usov - IC Institute

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The Invisible Clown - How to Not Be Afraid of Being Yourself

After 35 years as an international performer and 10 years as creative artist with Cirque du Soleil, I wrote a book to share the story of how I discovered the secrets of being free from fear. There is true greatness in every audience and the magic is in giving your performance to that greatness. 

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Last year, The Invisible Clown was published in Russia. This past year, I had my book translated into English. It's 272 pages with lots of illustrations, exercises, and lessons from my workshops with students from around the world.

The Invisible Clown

What people are writing about the The Invisible Clown...
“It was impossible to tear myself away. I have read many books on popular
science psychology that promised to change my approach to life and inspire me. Only a few proved to be useful, and the most useful, oddly enough, is this book.”

“I read it with ecstasy! This book creates a desire to change here and now.
And in fact, just stop doing a lot of unnecessary, unconscious, aimless things.”

“How not to be afraid, how to give free rein to your to stop
gnawing at yourself for past failures and move forward!”

“An unusual book, which is part psychology, part advice on how to present

yourself in the world, and part a textbook on acting.“

“The author believes that the true talent of an actor and orator is revealed only

when he accepts his "inner clown.”

“I never read books...BUT, when I saw this book on the Internet, I immediately

ordered it (it’s the first book that I wanted to read for myself).”

“I finished reading The Invisible Clown. For me, it turned out to be a Book of Inspiration book and a Source of Wisdom.”

“Almost every day, standing on the stage, I finally found the state that Misha

wanted to convey to the reader throughout the book!”

“This book turned out to be valuable...Viewing yourself and your behavior

through the prism of a clown is unexpected and cool.”