Reviews for Online Workshops

"The experience of learning under Mikhail Usov ("Misha") has been wonderful. I've taken lots of other clown classes, some from world renowned performers and teachers (whom I love and adore, too); but Misha's class has been a truly unique learning experience. From the time we have taken studying character--not just the idea of a clown "character"--but how it applies to me and the development of my unique clown character, to the time we have taken experimenting with clown "bits" and developing a process whereby the "bits" can come together to form an entire show. And finally, I'd like to add that because my class is a solo class, every note is 100% applicable to me and my development as a performer. There's no "fluff" and there's wasted no time. It's like taking a clown class strapped to a rocketship that's laser targeted on my success as a performer. It's amazing."

- Dal Walton, August 22, 2020
5-Star review on Google Business

Mikhail is a true professional in his field. An absolutely unique professional system of training artists with his invaluable years of experience. I really like the classes, they are suitable for both professionals and those who want to discover something new for themselves, somehow look at what is happening around them in a new way. 
"Give a man a fish and he will be fed one day. Teach a man to fish and he will be fed all his life." 

Mikhail will not give you answers to every question. He will teach you how to independently answer them, and the questions themselves will be unique to you. You can find your incredible energy, and you don't need much for that. So ... There is nothing to doubt. Forward and only forward!

- Himera Greeke, August 24, 2020
5-Star review on Google Business

"I have known Mikhail for many years and have watched him perform in different venues. I am always left with a sense of psychological depth that outlines the lightness of the 'Clown' personage. I have been studying with Mikhail on character development over the past few months and I am left with the deep sense that Mikhail is teaching how to access and express the deepest and most subtle part of our Being. His instruction is clearly enhanced with decades of experience and he offers many practical tools and exercises to improve, but his real teaching is based on reverence for his Art and for Theater."

- Thomas Fenn, August 21, 2020
5-Star review on Google Business