Make three payments for ART of TRANSFORMATION - LIVE TRAINING (Small G – Misha Usov - IC Institute

*July 8, 15, and 22, 6pm Pacific — BREAKTHROUGH — Find Your Expressive, Invisible Self — $75 for all 3 Sessions

Make three payments for ART of TRANSFORMATION - LIVE TRAINING (Small Groups)

Mkihail Usov Art of Improvisation Online Workshops

If you would like to join a small group of two to four individuals,
Mikhail has announced a new session!

CLICK HERE to make three (3) payments for the 3-month Art of Transformation (How to Get in Character) in a small group with Mikhail Usov.

Everyone knows how difficult it is for an artist to reincarnate into another role.

For example, how do you instantly be transformed into the famous King Lear or instantly become the real Don Quixote?

How do you instantly transform yourself into your neighbor or into a Super Man?

How do you transform quickly from a servant to a queen, to a princess, to a maid, or to a hairdresser?

How do you instantly, in front of an audience or in public, turn from a young man into an old man or from an old man into a young man ?

How do you find your clown

With the help of my system — developed after years of experimenting with my Invisible Clown method, we will very quickly answer all these questions and learn the Art of Transformation.

Mkihail Usov Art of Improvisation Online Workshops
The success of a clown depends on the ability to transform.

How will the online Course go? 
1. The Course is designed for 3 months with 12 Lessons.
2. The Course Meeting is every week - one lesson for 90 minutes 
3. Online Learning will be on the Zoom system (with sessions recorded so that you can review). 

If you have questions, please contact Mikhail immediately, as the number of Students in classes is limited.

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