CLOWN THERAPY - Become a HOSPITAL CLOWN! (Small Group - 5 Sessions) Pa – Misha Usov - IC Institute

FREE - Get the Improvisation and Comedy SECRETS of a Cirque du Soleil Clown

CLOWN THERAPY - Become a HOSPITAL CLOWN! (Small Group - 5 Sessions) Payment Plan Available

CLOWN THERAPY - Become a HOSPITAL CLOWN! (Small Group - 5 Sessions) Payment Plan Available

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The wonderful clown Yuri Nikulin said:
"Even after a small smile, one small microbe is sure to die in the body."⁠⁠

For me, Hospital Clowns and Clowns in Therapeutic settings are heroes.
They charge children and adults with their positive emotions.
For them, the stage is the hospital ward, and the stage lights are the eyes of the children and adults recovering from injuries or enduring illness.

This certificate course is for those who would like to create their own Comedy Act to use in therapeutic environments.
I help to develop the sensitivity of your clown character and teach you the practices that will allow you to bring joy consistently to your audiences.

This Certificate Course will be scheduled at a convenient day/time for you after you email Misha about your interest (

Topics of the first online Course Meeting:
1. Introduction to the role of the Hospital or Therapeutic Clown 
2. Discussion about the rarity of this profession and the big shortage of this profession in the market.
3. Introduction to the Hospital Clown as the Author, Director, Designer, and even the Composer of their Act in therapeutic environments.

Institute Students receive:
1. Students will create their own Comedy act or sketch
2. Students will gain control and become more relaxed and confident performers

How will the online Course go?
1. The Course is designed for 5 sessions.
2. The Course Meeting is every week - sessions are 2 hours 
3. Online Learning will be on the Zoom system (with sessions recorded so that you can review). 

Throughout the course, you can communicate personally with Misha anytime for additional guidance and feedback. A private Facebook Group is also available for ongoing training and feedback from Misha.

4. There will be Theory but even more Practice. You will do sketches during the hour lesson, with immediate and ongoing feedback. 
5. You will create a small classroom setting for your sketches and also experiment with suitable costumes and props. 
6. You will have homework. Homework includes observations and sketches sent to me as videos.
7. Classes will begin with an analysis of homework, and then an introduction to new material. 

Misha will email you the First Lesson instructions.

If you have questions, please contact Misha right away, as the number of Students in classes is limited.