Creation of Inside

Director: Urs Jaeckle & Mikhail Usov Producer: Mikhail Usov
Choreographer: Alexandra Tichenko

The idea of Inside was born in New York on 5th Avenue. I saw a mannequin in a shop window; she turned her head from left to right. It was a magic moment. When I came close to the window, I saw that it was the sales woman who had turned the mannequin’s head.

Later I read a newspaper about a man used his mannequin for carpool lanes. He was stopped because he glued mustache to his mannequin, and it looked suspicious to the police. 

So we can see that even adults blur boundaries between our imaginary world and the real one. I thought that this could be great idea for a new show. I told my friend Urs Jäckle, a theater and variety director from Germany. And we began to work.

I worked with terrific engineers and props designers from Canada and Ukraine. They created many effects, such as mannequins that come alive, even become pregnant, a chicken that lays fireworks.

I was fortunate to work with very talented painter and illustrator Vladimir Zimakov and composers Ivan Luzan and Charlie Dennard. INSIDE premiered at the Schkapf Theater in Hollywood in February 2014.

The show is about communication between the real world and imaginary world. This communication creates a lot of humorous and touching moments. At the end of the show the borders of fake word turn into a musical instrument, played by the audience. So there are no more boundaries between the audience and stage.


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