Ping Pong

In this delightful act, Mikhail Usov juggles only one ping-pong ball, bouncing it against a number of aluminum pots attached to various parts of his body, each pot producing a different sound. As a result, a one of a kind musical instrument is created. This act is absolutely amazing and truly novel in the circus arts.

"Ping Pong and Plastic Bags acts make a memorable show."






Plastic Bags

It is an expression of philosophy and poetry. Using regular grocery bags Mikhail Usov illustrates the state of zero gravity. He juggles with the plastic bags very slowly and it seems to freeze in midair, creating the illusion of weightlessness. At the conclusion of the act Mikhail uses a bag to create a bird that lays an egg.

“Mikhail Usov’s juggling with simple white plastic bags astonished and greatly amused the audience, making the act a highlight and one of the poetic moments in the show.”





The Mannequin represents the quiet tragedy of unrequited love. Her calm stare leave us wanting to know more.










This act is about a chef.
A chef who doesn't cook. He doesn't even dream of cooking, he just dreams…









Bubble Wrap

This act is delightful. The boundaries of Mikhail's world disappear, the audience and the show become one in a final musical performance.








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